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Laura H. Bührig, Post-doc

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As a sedimentologist and geomorphologist with a BSc and MSc in Geosciences (University of Bonn, Germany), I am passionate about increasing our understanding of how sedimentary systems are controlled by environmental and external factors acting within different parts of their superordinate source-to-sink system, and the interplay of sediment transport dynamics and topography in both terrestrial and marine environments.

Building on my PhD research of process-response relationships in submarine canyons and shelf-edge deltas in a source-to-sink context at the University of Leeds (England, United Kingdom), I am currently investigating the co-evolution and mutual influence of Late Quaternary clastic and carbonate source-to-sink systems along the modern Belize continental margin to identify key mechanisms driving the geomorphology and stratigraphic record of mixed siliciclastic-carbonate margins associated with rivers and barrier reef systems.

Hamidreza (Shahrouz) Azarmidokht

Hamidreza (Shahrouz) Azarmidokht, MS student

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I started my academic studies pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, and I found myself interested in water science. I continued to study water engineering for a Master’s degree at the Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran. During this time, my research explored sediment transport around armored obstacles in rivers, including bridge piers and abutments. My thesis assessed drag coefficients and force balance exerted on bridge abutments in waterways. My current science research seeks to gain further knowledge of fluvial systems, combining geoscience perspectives and engineering viewpoints. I intend to study river morphology, how river channels grow and evolve during avulsions process, specifically related to channels accommodating ever greater water and sediment flux.

John Nelson

John Nelson, MS Student

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My research interests are primarily in sedimentology and river dynamics in high-latitudes environments. As an undergrad at Colorado State, I was part of a project using sediment geochemistry to understand sediment contributions of tributaries into larger river networks during rapid erosional events. Currently I am working on a project as an M.S. student/RA attempting to build an understanding of the processes that influence the morphodynamics of streams that flow through peat bogs. Using field and computer-based methods, I am looking at a small stream in central Minnesota to understand geomorphic processes that are largely different than those of alluvial streams and rivers.

Former Group Members

Eric Barefoot, PhD

Former student. Currently: Indiana University (Bloomington), NSF post-doctoral fellow

Kieran Dunne, PhD

Former post-doc. Currently: Caltech, NSF post-doctoral fellow

Andrew Moodie, PhD

Former student. Currently, UT Austin, NSF post-doctoral fellow

Brandee Carlson, PhD

Former student. Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Houston, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
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Chenliang Wu, PhD

Former student.  Currently: Yonsei University, post-doctoral fellow

Hongbo Ma, PhD

Former post-doc. Currently: Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University, Department of Hydraulic Engineering

Tian Dong

Tian Dong, PhD

Former student.  Currently: UT Austin, NSF post-doctoral fellow

Katherine Anarde, PhD

Former lab group member.  Currently: NC State, Assistant Professor

Travis Swanson, PhD

Former post-doc.  Currently: Georgia Southern University, Assistant Professor

Jan Pietron, PhD

Department of Physical Geography
Stockholm University, Sweden

Manuel Bogoni, PhD

Former visiting student, University of Stockholm

Brian Demet

Brian Demet, MS

Former student. Currently: Chief Geologist, Schuepback Energy Exploration LLC


Kaitlin Moran, MS

Former student. Currently: GSI Environmental

Maya Stokes, PhD

Former undergrad student. Currently: Yale University, post-doctoral fellow
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Sarah Huff, MS

Former student. Currently: science educator

Jorge Lorenzo Trueba, PhD

Former post-doc. Currently: Montclair State University, Assistant Professor
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What is Sedimentology?

Sedimentology encompasses the study of modern and ancient depositional systems, to evaluate the transport of sediment and production of stratigraphy. This information has application for evaluating rivers, deltas, coastal, and marine environments.

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