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Summer 2021: Jeff is a Red Raider. Adios, Houston. On to Lubbock!

  Dr. Jeffrey A. Nittrouer Associate Professor of Geology Department of Geosciences Texas Tech University  

Fall, 2021: GeoAllies Allyship Training Program Launches

The Project Our project was funded in fall 2020, and we are currently recruiting principal investigators (P.I.s), faculty or graduate students, who are running geoscience class-led field trips or research-based field trips in the next 1-2 years (we are recruiting now, but will only launch study participation when universities are running these trips again, after […]

Research Highlight: Chenliang Wu Examines Channel Bodies in the Ordos Basin

PhD candidate Chenliang Wu investigated the Triassic Yanchang and the Jurassic Fuxian formations in Ordos Basin. Chen observed that the top of the Yanchang formation is composed of amalgamated channel sandstone, and this sandy unit represent the last gasp of sediment pulse into the basin marking the end of Triassic. Channels in the Fuxian formation are much […]

Sedimentology Rapid Response to Yellow River Flood

This July, Sedimentology ventured to the Yellow River (China) in response to an engineered flood, which released sediment and water from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir located ~1000 km upstream of the river outlet. The field campaign was led by Andrew Moodie, who seeks to determine how suspended sediment promotes density stratification and alters turbulent flow structure, […]